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About Quercus International

Quercus International is a Dutch technical service provider, established in 1990, with a strong presence and a wealth of experience in Inspections and Vocational Education for the industry, engineering, offshore, onshore, and consultancy firms. We promote and encourage working safely and competently above all else.

In our training courses, we combine theoretical and practical knowledge, and often make use of practical facilities to enhance learning. Quercus International also builds its own practical training facilities, which can be deployed anywhere in the world if required.

At Quercus International, we pride ourselves by providing custom solutions to whatever requirement the client has, from custom training courses and practical facilities, to tailor-made inspections and directed consultancy services on a multitude of subjects, from the maintenance and inspection reviews, to management of your company’s competencies, projects, technical assets, and more.

Our full-spectrum approach guarantees that your assets function at full availability and reliability, and that your business operates at maximum efficiency.
In addition to having offices in the Netherlands and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, we operate and provide our services globally as well as Kazakhstan, Russia, Nigeria and Iraq.

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